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Historical Atlas Of Judiasm

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The Historical Atlas of Judaism is a fascinating account of the four thousand year old history of the Jewish faith, divided into six comprehensive sections surveying in detail the emergence of the Jews in Ancient Palestine right up to the modern Israeli state. Over 100 specially commissioned, richly detailed maps uncover the Jewish story across the world and over the centuries, while authoritative text and carefully selected pictures and photographs analyze and explain the nature and extent of the Jewish achievement. The result is an exciting immediate depiction of the turbulent history of one of the world’s most remarkable peoples.The book begins by looking at the origins of the Jewish faith, in the wider context of the ancient civilizations, their technology, warfare styles and trade networks. The book contains an extensive section on the Middle Ages. The book wraps up with an examination of the Jewish experience in World War II and the nineteenth century followed by the legacy of the Jews.Every facet of Jewish life is explored, with authoritative coverage of such crucial topics as the great diasporas, the flowering of Yiddish culture in Europe, the pogroms and persecutions, the rebirth of Zionism in the 19th Century, the foundation of modern Israeli, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jewish seets and the way of life of Jews inside and outside their homeland in the modern world. Above all, The Historical Atlas of Judaism gives a detailed history of the Jewish faith and its culture. Read more RKV-118.HistAtlJudiasm

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