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Tite-Tie Universal Tie Down Tool

$ 12.95

The Tite-Tie Universal Tie Down Tool is a tool that creates tension on ropes of various sizes to enhance cargo control during transport. It is designed to work just like a Truckers Hitch Knot, but without all the knots.

It tightens its grip on the rope as tension is applied, resulting in no knot tying. It doubles tying strength, giving the most unskilled knot tier the confidence knowing their cargo is safely secured.

The Universal Tie Down Tool is made from 4mm carbon steel plate and has a breaking strength of 1985lbs (900kg). It is finished in orange and yellow with a clear diagram and easy to follow numbered instructions on one side.

  • Use separately and get two tie down tools.
  • Use together and get one no knot tie down tool.

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