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The Dog: 5000 Years of the Dog in Art

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Written by a specialist in both art and animal husbandry, the book begins with the earliest known representations of the dog, including sculptures and paintings of dramatic vitality. It goes on to examine the various roles the dog has played in both art and society, including its depiction as a symbol of fidelity and romantic love; as a prized possession, vaunting its owner's power and wealth; as a treasured and loyal pet; as a mythological being, mysteriously travelling between the lands of the living and the dead; as a religious image of purity, or dissolution; and as an indispensable working and hunting companion.The book concludes with an examination of the ways in which modern artists have interpreted the image of the dog, and reaffirms the profound and unbreakable bond between humans and these complex creatures, which ensures that the dog will continue to exert a powerful fascination for artists as they strive to capture the soulful and beguiling character of man's best friend. RKV-99.TheDog5000

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