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United States Department of Agriculture

South Yuba River Recreation Guide

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This area offers recreational opportunities year round. Englebright Lake is low in elevation (527 feet) and open year round. It has 24 miles of shoreline to boat, ski, fish, and swim. It offers nearly 100 boat-in only campsites, several day-use areas, hiking trails, and Skipper's Cove Marina. When you reach the Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, you will see the largest hydraulic gold mine in the world. The park's elevation ranges from 2200 and 4200 feet and the terrain varies from open meadows to tree and chaparral-covered slopes and deep canyons.

  • Year - 2000
  • Scale - 2" to the Mile
  • Topo Lines - Yes (Elevation in 400 Foot Intervals)
  • Paper
  • Two-sided, self-cover folded map

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