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National Geographic Maps: The Complete Collection

$ 29.95
For well over a century, students and armchair travelers alike have enjoyed the cartography in National Geographic magazine. Now computer users have unprecedented access to over a century of foldout maps in National Geographic Maps, the comprehensive archive of cartographic content and navigational features on 8 CD-ROMs. From Ecuador to endangered species; Switzerland to the lunar surface, this unrivaled National Geographic content offers a user-friendly guide to worlds charted by map or by theme. The speedy search engine will reveal maps covering everything from plant life to politics. Just type in the keywords and you're ready to locate, pan, and zoom in on the richly-illustrated charts with accompanying photos, videos, and audio narration. When you've found what you need, paste the results into your documents, or print them out in full color or crisp black-and-white.

  • This fully interactive guide will bring other parts of the world to life on your monitor - Full photo, video and audio enhancements to each map introduce you to the people and events that define a map
  • Learn all about People Of The Past, the wonders of space, the environment and war in the 20th century
  • An 8-CD collection that will bring the worlds and its different peoples to life!

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