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A Gold Hunter: Memoirs of John Berry Hill, 1827-1917 - Wide World Maps & MORE!

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A Gold Hunter: Memoirs of John Berry Hill, 1827-1917

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One of the most famous gold rushes was the California Gold Rush starting in 1848 with the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill. It lured more than 40,000 prospectors to California within two years.

Few of them struck it rich. John Berry Hill was one of those few. Discover John Berry Hill's written recollections of the trip in 1850 across the Plains to the California gold fields; and his life as a gold miner in the many gold camps and mining areas during this great gold rush era. Then oral historian and journalist Kristin Delaplane recounts, as John Berry Hill's great-great-granddaughter, the life of John Berry Hill after he left the gold fields and returned to his home state, Illinois, as told through remembrances written by his family members and through oral history tales that were passed down through the generations.

  • Traveling the Emigrant Road across the Plains in 1850 to the California gold fields.
  • Returning with a small fortune to Charleston, Illinois.
  • Paperback
  • 138 pages

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