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YellowMaps Ely NV topo map, 1:250000 Scale, 1 X 2 Degree, Historical, 1959, Updated 1959, 22.1 x 32.2 in

$ 35.00
Printed on Regular Paper

  • Printed on Regular Paper (32lb)
  • USGS topographic map of Ely, NV, at 1:250000 scale. High-quality paper print. Perfect for wall maps.
  • Cities, towns, villages: Bull Fork,Siegel (historical),Aurum (historical),Newark (historical),Bassett (historical),Birch (historical),Centerville (historical),Vanderbilt (historical),Yelland (historical),Glenn,Taft (historical),Warm Springs,Tippett,Egan (historical),Eureka,McCoy (historical),Swansea (historical),Pleasant Valley (historical),Hunter (historical),Riepetown,East Ely,Treasure City (historical),Baltimore Mill,Cooper (historical),Mineral City,Pinto (historical),Hamilton,Lavon,Ely
  • Rivers, creeks: Timber Creek,Siegel Creek,Simpson Creek,Meadow Creek,Willow Creek,Murry Creek,North Creek,Egan Creek,Kalamazoo Creek,North Fork Kalamazoo Creek,Big Indian Creek,Tafts Creek,South Taft Creek,Left Fork Silver Creek,Taft Creek,White River Wash,First Creek,Vipont Creek,Combs Creek,Cattle Camp Wash,Snow Bank Creek,Silver Creek,Holt Camp Creek,Rabbit Creek,Clear Creek,Cherry Creek,Chicken Creek,Gravel Wash,Chin Creek,Williams Creek,Sharp Creek,Grass Valley Creek
  • Lakes: Cottonwood Pond,Steptoe Waterhole,Little Lake,Brown Lake,Stella Lake,Teresa Lake,French Lake,Waldy Pond,Jakes Pond,Taft Lake,Big Lake

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