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Social Studies 2013 Student Edition (Consumable) Grade 5a [Paperback] Scott Foresman

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The myWorld Social Studies curriculum for homeschooling takes a unique approach to Social Studies education. Rather than guide your child through the subject with dates and bullet points, the curriculum uses storytelling techniques to keep your child engaged. Additionally, myWorld Social Studies was developed using the latest in educational research. The goal of the curriculum is to help your child learn to love Social Studies and the topics that go with it. Through the lessons you create, your child will come to understand history, government, geography and citizenship. myWorld Social Studies will help your child develop into an active and responsible citizen. Grade 5 of myWorld Social Studies is broken up into two A and B. The second part can be completed during the same year as 5A or during your child’s next level of curriculum. Your child will have a solid foundation by the end of the myWorld Social Grade 5A program and you can move on when appropriate with your schedule. In fact, once you reach the end of the curriculum, your child should be able With this knowledge in hand, your child will be ready to move onto the next stage of myWorld Social Studies. Grade 5A provides a deeper look into the topics surrounding Social Studies using a variety of helpful materials. For more information on what specifically is included in the program, visit the Features and Benefits page.

  • Pearson, My World Social Studies, Building Our Country

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